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Skjold Clarinet Choir

Skjold Clarinet Choir 2002

Skjold Clarinet Choir was founded in Bergen, Norway, in December 1991. Skjold Clarinet Choir has 25 members in the age from 16-50 years. The ensemble is put together by a mix of amateurs and music students from Bergen, many of them connected to the blooming "clarinet environment" at Skjold, where Espen Opedal has teached the clarinet since 1982.

Skjold Clarinet Choir has been giving 3-10 concerts a year the last 10 years - most of them in the Bergen region in Norway. In 1994 SCC attended the West-Norwegian regional competition for wind-ensembles, comming home with the biggest trophy and the highest score of all the ensembles. The triumph was celebrated with a Concert Tour to England in the summer of 1994, with concerts in York, Newcastle, Scarborough and Withby - and two concerts on the dance floor at the ferry between Bergen and Newcastle...

In 2000, when Bergen acted as "European City of Culture", Skjold Clarinet Choir established Ensembles Concerto Grosso, a mini festival for ensembles in Skjold Church in Bergen. This is now an annual festival where new guest ensembles are invited every year. Another tradition in Ensembles Concerto Grosso is that Skjold Clarinet Choir gives the first performance of a new piece of music written specially for the occasion. Also soloists on different instruments are invited, and so far Skjold Clarinet Choir has accompanied soloists on violin, chrotta, trumpet and saxophone.

Skjold Clarinet Choir are working closely with 3 young and gifted composers, who have all written music specially for our ensemble. Both Sjur Hjeltnes, Øyvind Moe and Therese Birkelund have composed music that enriches the repertoire for clarinet choirs.

During the season of our 10-years Anniversary in 2002, Skjold Clarinet Choir had the honour to performe in Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), and a reportage with the ensemble was transmitted. Also a "live" CD recording from our concert in Bergens Kammermusikkforening in April 2002 was made.

For the comming seasons Skjold Clarinet Choir has a number of plans. In spite of our poor financial situation, we plan for a number of new concert productions. We also intend to travel on a new concert tour, either internationally or locally - just waiting for the right invitation ...



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